City-State NFT-Sale

You can be owner of city-state in mayan

  1. It was composed of hundreds of city-states, large and small. A total of 300 city-state NFTs are available for sale and will never be issued later. The city-state NFT will be sold in three rounds, with 100 in each round.

  2. Before the opening of the pre-sale round, the first phase of the city-states will be sold at a price of 10BNB=1 City-State NFT. (the other two rounds will be opened after the game is started)

  3. The holders of the city-state and the residents in the city-state can get the Maya dividends and federal revenue from the game. The details will be explained on the "City-State" page.

  4. Players can freely choose to join or exit a city-state, but they need to join a city-state 10 days before they can become valid and effective residents. When the city-state system is launched for the first time, friends invited by the city-state owner will automatically join the city-state and become effective residents. Users can exit the city-state after joining over 10 days.

  5. The city-state NFT can be traded, and the rights will be transferred accordingly. The transaction is subject to a 30% city-state transfer tax.

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