Rank Rewards

Get rewards if you are in the Top

Mayans can receive rewards when they tried to find more totems to encourage people to get early completion of immigration procedures. Top Reward is a guardian of the deflation mechanism($MAYA).

How many times you hunted determines how are the rewards, Top10 buyers in the station will get Rank rewards every 24H.

Every time a mystery box is sold, 0.002BNB(4% of deal, 0.05BNB* 4% = 0.002BNB) will enter the Rank rewards.

All the BNB in the Rank rewards will be distributed to users who in the leaderboard(Top10) in every 24H, the bonus follow the ratio below:

No.1: 30%

No.2: 20%

No.3: 10%

No.4-No.5: 7.5%

Top5: 7.5%

Top6-No.10: 5%

The leaderboard(Top10) will be reset in every 24H.

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