đŸ—ŋWhat is Maya-Resurrections

The route you choose will change the world in which we live.

Good to know: providing a brief overview of Maya is important for us. Due to the difference in knowledge of individuals, this wiki might seem obvious to you or it can still be unclear. We will clarify it to you by other platform if you check our moments in Twitter and Telegram Channel. Also you can contact us by: service@mayare.game

Here are a word examples of overviews from product manager in Maya team, it may help you understand us so:

Maya-Resurrections is an SocialFi Platform which has DAO governance innovation and return to the original shape of Maya through P2E game process and social connection tasks. It seems like a wonderful game but it's more than a game.

— From the Caspar, Product manager of Maya-Resurrections

Getting Details

Maya-Resurrections is the First Game-based SocialFi protocol on Web3. Connect DAOs, P2E 3D-Game and DeFi patterns with Social networks and amazing Maya story.

Background Story

The mysterious Mayan civilization disappeared overnight. It is said that all Mayans were picked up by aliens.

It is said that the Mayan civilization is an alien civilization left on the earth originally. The scientific and technological level of the parent planet is far higher than that of mankind. If they do not choose to evacuate but expand to the earth, what will happen?

Our story starts from the stone age of Maya civilization, and an open Metaverse is about to be born.

Maya-Resurrections share the civilization of Maya which has no unified centralized right. It is composed of hundreds of large and small city-states. Wake up one day, the human world has returned to the Maya era, and the world composed of small city-states has opened a new journey of civilization.

Can you find more Maya civilization relics in this game? Conflict and cooperation, war and peace, you will determine Maya's process of restart, and the route you choose will change the world in which we live.

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