The last one will be lucky one

As you know, gambling dapp Fomo3D was another crazily addictive entry to the space, one whose appeal also succeeded in slowing the Ethereum network to a crawl. The goal of the game was to purchase the last key before the timer reached zero, whereupon you could win a veritable treasure chest of ether. A heady blend of game theory, mathematics, and psychology compelled endless gamers to rek themselves chasing its bounty, with 150,000 Ethereum transactions recorded a day at the titleโ€™s peak.

We wish this innovative mode can make you get benefits from Maya-Resurrections now.

Every time a mystery box is sold, the 0.002BNB(4% of deal, 0.05BNB * 4% = 0.002BNB) will enter the Fomo Pool.

The countdown will be reset, the 10 minutes is always the time to check whether there is a new buyer. but if the timer reached zero, all the BNB in the Fomo pool will be distributed to the last 5 buyers.

The Last buyer gets 50%, the next to last gets 20%, the third to last gets 15%, the fourth to last gets 10%, and the fifth to last gets 5%.

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