Auction Rewards

Participate in English Auction to get rewards

What is Auction Feature

English auction refers to the process or method of the sale of a single quantity of a product where the bidding starts with the starting price which is set by the seller of the product and increases with the continuous bidding from the different buyers until the price is reached at a level above which there is no further bidding and this price will be the selling price of the product under the auction.

How it works in Maya-Resurrections

We use the auction to burn the $MAYA, which has been marked by our product manager, and all the $MAYA in the bid will be burned in the game.

What's the proportion? Every time a mystery box is sold, the 0.002BNB(4% of deal, 0.05BNB * 4% = 0.002BNB) will enter the Auction pool.

Players use $MAYA to bid for BNB in the auction pool. The first bid is not less than 100 $MAYA, and the subsequent bid must be at least 10 $MAYA shall be increased each time.

The time countdown will be restarted(15m) if there is new bidding. BNB in the auction pool will be distributed to the last 5 bidders (it can be the same address). If there are less than 5 bids, the remaining rewards will be accumulated in the reward pool.

The last buyer gets 70%, the next to last gets 15%, the third to last gets 5%, the fourth to last gets 5%, and the fifth to last gets 5%.

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